Verhoor van Kolonel Reinhardt

Flushing, november 1944
The Garrison Commander, Colonel REINHARDT, together with the Naval Commander and their respective staffs had been captured early the same morning in the Royal Scots attack.

At about 1000 hours a long line of disheveled and badly shaken German officers was standing miserably on the parade ground outside the ARSENAL BARRACKS. Colonel REINHARDT was brought into a shelter for interrogation, but was far too much upset by his recent experiences to be coherent about anything. He was obviously very much the worse for the bombardments he had endured, and was also greatly distressed because he had surrendered his command. During the interview he both wept and urinated freely. His Adjutant, who was subjected to a much more exhaustive examination, proved equally uninformative but by no means uninteresting. He gave the impression of being a somnambulist (= slaapwandelaar ) , so utterly dazed was he after the bombardment and the trials the floods had brought in their train. Throughout his interrogation he was shaking violently and uncontrollably, and when he did speak, he poured out hysterical curses at the destruction wrought by water everywhere on the island. All the officers testified to the havoc (=ravage)  the water had played with all forms of communications and to the appalling effect it had on morale. To anyone who spoke with these officers there could be no question but that the flooding policy had been a decisive success.

Bron :  Report no 188 Historical section Canadian Military Headquarters

Onderstaand document afkomstig uit een verslag van No4 Commando